*Update June 2021: CapRock Health System’s COVID test services have changed. Please review our updated services.

Am I REQUIRED to see a doctor to get a COVID-19 test?

Some medical practices may provide testing that doesn’t require any interaction with a physician.  Some practices allow you to see a physician in person, who may then prescribe a COVID-19 test.  Finally, some practices allow you to engage with a physician via telehealth, who may then prescribe you with a COVID-19 test.  

Why is seeing a doctor the best choice?

Simply receiving a test without interacting with a medical professional seems the easy thing to do.  However, it is in your interest to be evaluated before receiving a COVID-19 test. Why? Because the timing of sample collection greatly affects the accuracy of a test, and there are different kinds of COIVD-19 tests with different levels of accuracy. Also, some people will actually need two tests in order to be able to return to normal activity, and after being tested, your provider can help you interpret the results and provide direction specific to your situation.

Why is this important? Because COVID-19 screening is not simply getting a test, it’s about securely knowing that you do or do not have COVID-19.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 test alone is inadequate to determine if you are COVID-19 positive. 

Since I need to be seen by a physician, should this be done in-person or via telehealth?

As long as you are being seen by a physician, you should be prescribed the most accurate test for your situation. Telehealth represents the most convenient and safest way to be evaluated. Telehealth is safest because, through managed interaction, it protects the health and safety of other patients as well as the medical staff. Through CapRock’s telehealth process, you can be seen by one of our local CapRock providers and, if necessary, receive testing through our drive-through in most cases.