Pricing Transparency

Building a patient-centered experience is not limited to our medical care, but also directs our customer billing and financial policies. Keeping patients first, CapRock is pleased to provide access to our pricing for hospital and ER services (these prices are for estimation purposes only). Download the Charge Master Price List: .CSV File Format or .XLSX File Format.

Please understand, a patient’s insurance carrier and plan specifics are what actually determine the cost of a given service. The prices listed only represent the amounts that CapRock Health will request for payment from your insurance carrier, your insurance carrier then determines what part of the request they will approve for payment. As CapRock Health does not “balance bill,” you will never receive a bill from CapRock seeking the difference for the amount requested over the amount approved by your insurance carrier. Any bill you receive will represent the “patient responsibility” that CapRock is required by your insurance company to collect.  To clarify, the prices listed represent CapRock’s request to your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier will then determine what you owe, and CapRock will only send a bill for that amount. CapRock cannot guarantee your out-of-pocket responsibility for the services you receive at our facilities. This amount varies depending upon your unique insurance policy.

As it is difficult to determine your out-of-pocket expenses ahead of time, we encourage patients to contact our Billing and Financial Services department to discuss your individual insurance policy and coverage questions.

To speak with a CapRock Health representative, please call 979.314.2323

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