Digital X-ray

All CapRock locations provide 100% digital x-ray (plain films or traditional x-rays) which reduces radiation exposure, allows immediate radiologist interpretation, and facilitates easy transfer of your images to your doctor.

CapRock’s skilled technologists can obtain any digital x-ray images needed for a condition in one of our private radiology suites. At our hospital and 24-Hour Emergency Care location, images can be obtained in the comfort of the patient’s room using our portable digital x-ray machines.

Outpatient Digital X-ray

As with CT imaging, for patients with an order from their doctor, we can provide outpatient digital x-ray at our hospital, anytime night or day.  Please call ahead so we can ensure we perform the exact study you need and so we can be prepared for your study when you arrive.

For payment, CapRock processes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna and Medicare, or we offer a cash payment option for individuals who do not participate with these providers. (cash payment price below includes radiologist read).

  • All X-Rays (each exam) – $110