With the advantage of producing no ionizing radiation, ultrasound is the right tool for many conditions, especially for evaluating problems with early pregnancy (less than 20 weeks gestation), gallbladder disease, blood clots, etc. In the hands of our expert technicians, our advanced ultrasound produces the highest quality images. 

Ultrasound imaging is available for emergency or outpatient services at our Hospital and 24-Hour Emergency Center. Ultrasound is not available at the urgent care facilities. 

Outpatient ultrasound

For patients with an order from their doctor for an ultrasound, we can perform nearly all ultrasound studies, anytime day or night at our hospital. Please call ahead to ensure we perform the exact study you need and so we can be prepared for your arrival.

CapRock currently performs all out-patient ultrasound exams on a cash pay basis. Please see the following outpatient ultrasound exams and associated prices (all prices include radiologist interpretation).

Ultrasound (each study) $440
Ultrasound study w/ Doppler (Duplex) $680
Ultrasound study w/ Doppler/Transvag $920