Ambulance Transport

Ambulance Transport to CapRock Facilities

Currently, CapRock Health System facilities are not on the municipal ambulance route. So, if you dial 911, you will not automatically be taken to a CapRock Health System facility. However, if you are being transported by a municipal ambulance service, you may request to be taken to a CapRock Health System facility. It is then at the discretion of the ambulance team to determine if one of our facilities is appropriate for you. 

Intrafacility Transfers

(ex. CapRock 24-HR Emergency Care Location to CapRock Hospital)

For intrafacility ambulance transportation, CapRock Health System has a relationship with a private ambulance service to provide transport when needed at no additional charge to our patients.

Interfacility Transfers

(ex. CapRock Hospital to an external hospital)

For transfers outside the CapRock System.  The ambulance service may bill at their own discretion.