Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you now called CapRock Health System?

While CapRock started as a single emergency care facility, CapRock now includes a hospital and a standalone 24-Hour Emergency Care facility. To be inclusive of our expanding services and locations, we rebranded from CapRock 24-Hour Emergency to CapRock Health System.

Should I be seen at CapRock 24-Hour Emergency Care Facility, CapRock Hospital, or an urgent care?

Each patient and situation is unique, and only a qualified physician can reliably make this decision.  While we cannot advise you about where to seek care, the following information should help you with your decision:

  • CapRock 24-Hour Emergency (College Station) and CapRock Hospital (Bryan): Our emergency rooms function identically to other hospital emergency departments.  We routinely care for strokes, heart attacks, pneumonia, COPD/emphysema/asthma attacks, allergic reactions, early pregnancy complications, appendicitis, gallbladder problems, kidney stones, severe pain, vomiting, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, etc. 
  • Urgent Care: Most urgent cares are relatable to a primary care doctor’s office, but with extended hours.  So, if you’re suffering from an acute symptom for which you would typically see your primary care doctor at their office, it is likely appropriate for urgent care. 

How does CapRock handle insurance? 

Please reference our insurance page for information and questions pertaining specifically to insurance: Click here for Insurance information

Can a doctor see me if I do not have insurance or money? 

According to federal and Texas law, any person presenting to an emergency room (ER), requesting an evaluation for a potential emergency, is entitled to a medical screening exam. This exam allows a doctor to determine if an emergency is present. 

All patients seeking evaluation at CapRock Hospital or CapRock 24-Hour Emergency Care facility will receive a medical screening exam by one of our board-certified doctors.  Furthermore, any patient with an emergent condition will be medically stabilized to the maximum of our ability, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

The above message regarding federal and Texas law applies to ER only and does not apply to urgent care. 

What if I require hospital admission? 

CapRock Health System includes a hospital, which extends our ability to care for patients outside the stabilization of their emergency condition. If you are evaluated at our hospital or 24-Hour Emergency Care location and need admission, we have a fully functional inpatient unit available. Learn more about CapRock Hospital Admission.

Only about 7% of our patients cannot be completely cared for in our hospital.  In those circumstances, we have relationships with all local hospitals to arrange transfers, and can even coordinate a transfer to hospitals outside our area.

Will CapRock CapRock Health System coordinate with my doctor? 

Yes.  With your permission, we securely transmit to your doctor all medical records, lab results, and radiology reports to improve follow-up care.  

Additionally, all our doctors and nurses have practiced in this community for years and know nearly all the doctors in town.  Therefore, they can comfortably communicate with your doctor by phone when needed. 

How is my privacy protected? 

Like all healthcare offices and facilities, CapRock Hospital and CapRock 24-Hour Emergency are subject to the patient privacy rules established by HIPAA.  But, more importantly, we take patient privacy very seriously. We work to make your time in our facilities as private and personal as possible and feel this is one of the many advantages of choosing CapRock over other healthcare systems. 

Furthermore, we have contracted with privacy experts to ensure our servers, computers, and all other communications are HIPAA compliant and completely secure and private. Any communication with your doctor will also be private and HIPAA compliant. Our HIPAA NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES explains our policies in more details.