Congrats to Clayton for being the CapRock Star this month! Here are here 10 fun facts:

  1. Your best kept secret? It’s best kept, because it’s a secret
  2. What’s playing in your car right now? 90’s country station on Pandora
  3. How would you describe yourself? Goal oriented
  4. What character trait do you most admire? Compassion
  5. What do you do for fun? Read, go to the movies, go out with friends, for the most part my life leaves little time for fun.
  6. What is your biggest challenge in life now? Affording school and preparing for the MCAT
  7. TV show you never miss?  Game of Thrones
  8. Best and worst part of working for CapRock ER?  The best part of working at CapRock ER is of course the people, we have the best team of Doctors, nurses, Rad Techs, and ER Techs that I’ve ever met and they make it a joy to work here. There really isn’t a “worst” part, I love what I do and the experience I’m gaining.
  9. Tell us a bit about your favorite place to vacation? I haven’t been on a vacation in so long I don’t understand the question haha.:)
  10. Any hidden talents? I can play the violin.